What is "H.O.E." ?

From a strictly symbolic standpoint, H.O.E. stands for "heaven on earth", which stands for our own impression of a flying disc resembling the heavenly stars- and especially a galaxy. If anyone is familiar with the shape and rotation of a galaxy, it is easy for them to see how a flying disc is like a tiny replica of a galaxy. If you could throw a galaxy, it would look just like a well thrown flying disc. Therefore we all heave -H.O.E.- when we throw a disc.(click here for some interesting facts about the heavens- and specifcally about galaxies )What is it?

From a philosphical standpoint.. it is interesting to see how the term "H.O.E."- still refering to "Heaven on Earth"- is a worthwhile concept to ponder. Playing with a flying disc seems to offer something of an adjustment of thinking towards a more peaceful mindset. Perhaps it is the gentleness of it's flight, perhaps it is the beauty and joy that comes from such play, perhaps it is the cooperation between players- but no matter how or why, we consider it as something that provides an adjustment towards a more peaceful mindset.

Almost across the board, and in almost all ways, the flying disc Players are very thoughtful, kind and courteous to their fellow players and to other people... It seems to us that the flying disc seems to just naturally demand that. First of all, it takes a cooperative attitude between two people to learn how to play with a flying disc, and that sets a foundation which continues to grow throughout years of playing with it more. So if nothing else, we coined the term "H.O.E." to mean heaven on earth from the age-old standpoint of PEACE on earth and good will among men. And if an object, such as a flying disc, can somehow both represent and promote more of that on earth , then we should all take the opportunity to HEAVE it throughout the world.

And lastly, simply as a generic term.. we frequently toy with This is what is. the concept of seeing "Heaven on Earth" all around us. If there has ever been a time on the planet, where the term "heaven" could apply to being on earth- the time is now. So in that sense, "H.O.E." is something we use to describe all the basic pleasures that mankind has available on earth -now. From being able to hop into a car and drive smoothly and safely to anywhere, while keeping warm and dry - IS H.O.E. ! To be able to walk into a grocery store and buy just about anything one's heart desires to eat or drink..IS H.O.E.! and to have it be fresh and clean - is H.O.E.! Or to be able to be healed of an injury through modern medicine, or to be moved by a fantastic movie, or hear a great song, or to fly across country is all H.O.E.! Indeed all our technology, has created thousands of situations of where anyone could apply the term "H.O.E.".

So in this sense, the list is endless for what anyone might want to term as "H.O.E.".. and yet one of the greatest developements of this time on the earth.. (to which we could attribute the term H.O.E. to) is this very method of communication.. the Internet. Certainly, if one was to contemplate when heaven could arrive on earth.. it would need to be assisted by all that the internet offers. When nearly anyone in (the civilized world), can instantly communicate to others of like mind around the world -(be it a message for peace, or free energy, or whatever good that needs to be communicated)- and can be done so inexpensively and efficiently, right from the comfort of one's own home.. That certainly should be contemplated as a sign that heaven is here on earth.Here you are.

So if from a symbolic standpoint, or a philosophical standpoint, or from simply the playful standpoint of throwing with a flying disc.. we hope you will "Heave H.O.E.!" with us.. and help others to do so too .


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