$1000 Accuracy and Distance Tournaments

      The most exciting detail surrounding the launch of this new explosive information about the FRISBEE disc sports, is that children around the world can earn prize money by putting it to use! 
((See a sample of cities that are spreading the word))

      A minimum of $1000 will be sponsored by for every Accuracy and Distance (AD) tournament that they host. The prize money will be split amongst 3 age divisions for juniors. ((However for every $1000 of the prize money pool for the juniors, will also set aside $2000 prize money in that same town for a $1000 Open Disc Golf tournament and a $1000 Ultimate tournament...))

      The method for funding the AD tournaments will occur every time the instructional video "Heave HOE" is sold by It has been agreed that up to $1 from the sale of each video tape.. will go into a Prize Money Pool (PMP).

      This is an exciting time for kids and adults because, as time goes on and more and more people are encouraged to invest in more and more of these instructional tapes, the amount of the Prize Money Pool is guaranteed to swell to a very large size. This means that the NUMBER of Prize Money AD Tournaments will be more than simply one or two. It is not inconceivable for there to be even a HUNDRED such $1000 Prize money AD Tournaments!

Encourage others to learn about the flying disc. Giving it away freely.

It IS DESIGNED to be for all ages. And perhaps the more people out there learning to throw a disc, might also effect more peace, and play, and certainly -more friendship- throughout this planet!

      Lastly, the method to determine the LOCATIONS for the first $1000 AD Tournaments (and subsequent Golf and Ulti tournaments) will be handled through the voting mechanism designed at this site. Look for the voting booth and vote as often as you would like. It's that simple. If your town has the higher number of votes.. we will be there with an $1000 AD tournament. Keep this in mind, you may be the the only player who can win, so this information is worth $1000 to you!.

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      Earn Money for! ! ! HOSTING a $1000 AD Tournament.! ! ! If you would also like to earn $300 for hosting a $1000 AD Tournament in your town, please submit some information about yourself via Email to MOTODOM.COM and we will give you our qualifications for hosting a $1000 AD Tournament. Then you might want to start encouraging some kids to start voting, and tell them to tell their friends to start voting for their city. If we become deluged with too many tournaments.. you can rest assured that we will utilize your ability to host a tournament.

Vote to have the Nation's 2nd AD Tournament in your City

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