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FDAFrom: Joy Endicot
Fayetteville Disc Association Coach &TD
University of Arkansas Ultimate Team
Gulf Coast Women's Sectional Coordinator, UPA

Heave H.O.E. is a useful tool in teaching anyone how to improve their throw. The tips are applicable to people of any age and skill. I used the ( Heave H.O.E." Snap ) tip to improve the forehand of 5 players almost instantly. Teaching them the ( "Heave H.O.E." Pullback ) tip was unbelievably helpful and easy. I saw immediate improvement. Thanks for making this DVD. It is professionally done and up to date in production quality.

Peace through Plastic, Joy Endicott

That was my testimonial....I REALLY appreciate the complimentary copy. .... now I have some other questions: I'd like to get copies in the 12 elementary schools we gave the 10 discs to, how can I do that? Of course I'd like them to buy them, and we will be suggesting that, maybe even showing them a few minutes of the DVD. In a few days your link and "ad" will appear on our web site www.fayettevilledisc.org . Thanks again for creating something to help anyone learn to throw a disc. It was professionally done and useful.
Ultimately, Joy

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From: Tom Monroe : PDGA #033
World Champion & PDGA Hall of Fame Inductee 1993

This DVD has to be the best way to show new players the easiest ways to throw the flying disc. Throwing plastic is fun, if you know how. After watching the Heave H.O.E. DVD, you and they, will know how to throw and have fun.
Tom Monroe, World Champion
Good job guys, this sport needs more quality info like you have given us.

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shrednow.com From: Arthur Coddington
Eleven Time! World Freestyle Champion.
Currently ranked #2 Freestyle player in the world.
by Freestyle Players Association -see FPA online.

This DVD offers clear instructions for those ready to get serious about flying disc playand those just wanting to toss accurately to friends. I played the DVD to a class, and they liked it a lot. Each kid seemed to have a favorite skill they were going to try. The Outfielder game got the most "I'm going to do THAT!" comments.

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slj From:
School Library Journal (July 2001)
-for beginners, for adults teaching children,
and for people with Frisbee experience.

" - extremely helpful - " ........ (see review)

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A.L.A. Booklist From:
American Library Association
- Booklist (Aug. 2001)
-timely how-to program- "
-for achieving consistent disc-throwing accuracy-"
An enthusiastic 'pitch' for a fun activity
that both kids and grown-ups enjoy.
........ (see review)

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Bill Clinton : U.S. President 2000 a.d.

I encourage you to remain involved. We are working hard
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Together, we make a difference.

REUTERS: Aug 28th 2000
(actually captioned: HEAVE HOE)

Resources: www.
DiscGolf.com :

Heave H.O.E. The DVD was made to solve several problems which haunt everyone starting in the disc sports. Made by a PBS affiliate in 1999, the DVD has proven to give beginners (finally!)an excellent forehand, plus the technique of the skip and other basics which everyone needs- but few discover by themselves.

The show is ideal for frustrated disc students and for parents who are interested in how to get the kids up and running.. for a lifetime of disc sport fun. Using Heave H.O.E., many kids have already jumped ahead of the older generations of players, because of simply having the benefit of a few FUNDAMENTAL tips (to do) and errors (to avoid) ! It looks like the disc stars of the future will be prodigies of Heave H.O.E. The DVD Heave H.O.E. is an ideal gift to give to anyone who might like to venture into the disc sports. Consider it as an ideal birthday present to anyone, anytime .

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From: www.InsVideo.com


" Breakthrough instructions
for all flying disc students."

InsVideo.com only sells to schools and libraries:

Purchase orders are welcome.


I had a chance to check out the Heave H.O.E. DVD, and I was very impressed. (I teach classes through the parks and rec dept. and also worked with qualifying kids for The Junior FRISBEE Championships .) So as an instructor myself, I found it very informative .
This DVD is "A must see for the beginner ", and " A great tool for the intermediate player ". I learned something from it myself! Thanks guys for thinking of the women players out there.
Good luck and keep "heaving" that disc.

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"Heave H.O.E. is a useful tool in teaching anyone how to improve their throw ."

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Great new instructional DVD for all disc students. Covers the basics of throwing and catching, with a special emphasis on working with kids. The DVD teaches you basic backhand and forehand throws plus tricks like ground skips. Several common throwing errors are diagnosed, so if you're having difficulty with
that tough forehand toss , give this one a shot! We were most impressed with the quality of the footage and the nice, steady pace of the tape. It's about half an hour long, and keeps your interest throughout. Very well done, and highly recommended.

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From: Cary Silberman
Regional Tournament Coordinator for Montana Disc Golf
Co Founder
NRDGA .com ..Northern Rockies Disc Golf Alliance

Heave H.O.E. is perfect for anyone new to, or interested in becoming affluent in, the realm the the disc. The DVD was not only well done, it also sends a good positive image and message of disc sports in general. With the sophistication of disc sports today it is nice to
see product like this one made available to anyone interested.

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Timothy R. Riddle
Co-founder Tree Top Flyers and Local Event Organizer

Heave H.O.E. is not only a window into the world of Discs for beginners, but a valuable tool for review at any level. As a Disc Golf Player for the last six years, I had all but forgotten how to throw a freestyle disc. Craig and Doug's flawless examples brought me to a new level of play with my freestyle and golf discs.
Their positive support of the Disc Community, personally and with this DVD, is an example to anyone interested in following their passion.

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