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Youth course and center, near the picnic area of Rose Park:

(see recent article in Bozeman Daily Chronicle)
Youth course
One leg of our educational program, included creating a center in the community for youth to come meet. A place where they can find others who want to practice the throw and catch skills that we are teaching in the schools. One of the signatures of this community flying disc park, is the youth course (see diagram) which is the equivalent of a miniature golf course that roams around the picnic ground. Inside this is a 150 ft diameter "throw and catch area," deemed "the center." This part of Rose Park is ideal for parents to easily keep on eye on active children while enjoying Frisbees. The complete project was a $700,000+ community development to create the first professional disc golf community course in Montana with cement tee pads. Funding for this project has been accomplished through local donations ($500,000), and two grants . One ($75,000) from City of Bozeman, Parkland Improvement Fund, and another ($38,000) from National Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Land Water Conservation Fund.

Rose Park (21 acres of a Professional Disc Golf Course):
Here is a glimpse of the city park that CODE is helping to create, from the ground up, for the community! See a lot more at the links below.

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Gallery Overview of All 7 Rose Park Slideshows

Below, The Course Of DISCovery Founders;
(left to right) Cary Silberman (Gallatin County's Professional Disc Golf Course Architect), Doug Quam (co-founder, Craig Sward (co-founder, Mayor of Bozeman, and Bozeman City Finance Director of Parks and Recreation. Holding a grant check from FWP, LWCF to signify the finished product in which FWP gave the City of Bozeman 1/2 of the actual cash spent on the project. City says this $ is now going to be put back into Rose Park for further development.

These photos will take you through the development, from when Rose Park was a flat 20 acres.. to a rolling "golfy" state.

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